Made of specially formulated silicone that fuses together when stretched & wrapped under tension. It’s water-resistant, leaves no residue, and permanently bonds to only itself. Self-fusing bands are used to securely & safely attach our QUICK TIPS® Cap to your heel tip.

How It Works

step 1 button STRETCH the band 3x its length as you wrap it around itself. Stretching activates the fusing properties.

Stretch Self Fusing Band

step 2 button When overlapped around itself while being stretched, the layers immediately fuse together.

Self Fusing Band

step 3 button The band fuses to form a homogeneous ring that cannot be unwrapped.

Self Fusing Band around finger

To Remove, simply cut the band & peel off. Unlike adhesive tapes, it never leaves a sticky residue.

Remove Self Fusing Band with scissors