No Tools. Just a Cap & Band.

Cap Covers Heel and Attaches with Band

Repairing heel tips used to be a pain, but QUICK TIPS® makes it easy. The QUICK TIPS cap fits over your worn heel tip and attaches with a no-residue band. It instantly stops the clicking and it's so easy & fast to apply, you could do it at your desk, in your car, or even in the elevator.

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Choose Your Size & Color

3 Cap Sizes and 2 Band Colors Available

QUICK TIPS® Caps come in 3 sizes, so you can choose the cap that best fits your heel. For tan or nude shoes, use our Nude Color bands.

QUICK TIPS Heel Cap sizes

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Works on a Variety of High Heels

Next Best Thing to a Shoe Repair Shop

Our heel caps work on a variety of heel colors and shapes (U-shaped, Round, Triangular, Square). Designed for both temporary & semi-permanent use, this 1-minute heel repair kit is perfect for in-between shoe repairs or if you don't live near a shoe repair shop.

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QUICK TIPS on various high heels

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heel caps are an instant fix

Easy, Instant Fix

Instantly fixes worn-out stiletto heel tips in under 1 minute. Heel caps cover the exposed nail to quickly stop the clicking sound & protect the heel.

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heel caps are durable

Very Durable

QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps are designed to last nearly as long as a heel tip replacement. Works for both temporary & semi-permanent heel tip repair.

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apply heel caps without tools

No Tools Required

Unlike all other DIY replacement heel tips, no tools are needed to remove the nail. Heel caps attach over the worn-out heel tip with our unique self-fusing band.

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heel caps work on various shaped heels

Versatile & Discreet

Works on various heel shapes, sizes, colors, and all degrees of worn heel tips. Perfect for in-between shoe repairs & if you don't live near a shoe repair shop.

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