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QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps: 1 Pair (Black)

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Repair worn-out heel tips instantly with QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps. These durable caps attach to your heel tip with a no-residue band that fuses to itself in seconds. No tools or glue required.

Contents (1 pair): 2 caps + 4 self-fusing bands



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GoGo Heel QUICK TIPS® are durable heel caps for worn-out high heel tips. These heel caps attach over the worn-out tip with a no-residue band that instantly fuses to itself -- no tools or glue are required.  Made in USA.  Patent Pending.

  • Stops clicking & slipping on the metal nail
  • Protects shoe heel from costly/permanent damage
  • Heel cap works on all degrees of worn heels tips
  • Use for temporary or semi-permanent heel tip repair
  • Perfect for quick fixes, in-between shoe repairs, or if you don’t live near a shoe repair shop
  • No struggling to remove the old heel tip which risks damaging the overall shoe heel
  • 3 sizes & 2 colors available
  • No tools or glue required