Busy Bride Tip: Chip Bar

Chip Bar

Chip Bar 2

Busy Bride Tip #6: Chip Bar

I love chips, so we decided to set up a chip bar at our wedding. It was a huge hit! Everyone loved trying out the different flavors.  We had fun flavors like Beer, Wasabi, Bacon, and BLT. Remember to mark any spicy flavors to prevent unwanted surprises! Here’s how to make your own chip bar:


• 1/2 Gallon Glass Jars

• 1 Gallon Glass Jars

• Tongs

• Tong Holders

• Pouches for chips (we used newspaper pouches)

• 1 Roll Chalkboard Contact Paper

• 1 Chalk and Eraser Set

• Bags of Chips (16 oz bag of chips fills up 1/2 gallon jar)

My Budget:

• 1/2 – 1 Gallon Glass Jar, $7-$11/jar @ Target

• Steel Tongs, $2.85 for 2 piece set @ Target

• Holder for Tongs, $12.99 each @ Target

• Chalkboard Contact Paper, $7.50 @ Amazon.com

• Chalk and Eraser, $7.25 @ Amazon.com

• Bags of Chips, $4/Bag @ World Market, Target, Asian markets, grocery store, online

Choose interesting, unconventional flavors and a variety of textures.  Examples: BLT, Dill Pickle, Tapatio, Seaweed and Salt, Jalepeno, Wasabi, Pizza Pringles, Beer, Limon Lays, Sweet potato, Bacon Popcorn, Chili lime corn rolls (Takis), Flavored Pretzels, Bloody mary, Ketchup, Turkey, KimChi, Prawn Cocktail ** Remember to tag any spicy flavors **