81 Miles of Walking: QUICK TIPS® Heel Cap is Long-Lasting

GoGo Heel Caps lasts 81 miles over worn down heel tip with metal nail

GoGo Heel QUICK TIPS® are durable heel caps for worn-out stiletto heel tips. It repairs your heel tip in less than 1 minute. “How long does QUICK TIPS® Heel Cap last?” — We get asked this all the time, so we applied QUICK TIPS® on all of our our own high heels and put it to a test.

Here’s Billie Boot again, one of our test heels.  We applied QUICK TIPS® on November 20, 2012. The last time we checked in, Billie covered 54 miles (143,506 steps) on the same cap & band. Today, we’re proud to report a final count of a whopping…

81 Miles (215,993 Steps)

GoGo Heel QUICK TIPS® are the “next best thing to a shoe repair shop”!  Follow these 4 simple tips to make QUICK TIPS® last longer for you!  Note: Results may vary depending on the condition of your old heel tip, body weight, and walking surface.