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New Product!
STOPPERS stop heels from sinking into grass

STOPPERS™ Heel Protectors prevent heels from sinking into grass, gravel, cobblestone & other uneven surfaces. Highly transparent and designed to contour to your heel shape, it slides over your heel for discreet wear. Its wide base provides at least 3x extra support for stable walking on any surface. Perfect for outdoor weddings, graduations, and any […]

QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps Nominated for Grommet

QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps Nominated for Grommet

QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps was nominated on The Grommet. The Grommet is a product launch platform. They find unique, undiscovered products and help them succeed. They have launched over 2,000 companies (including SodaStream, IdeaPaint, FitBit) since 2008, and many have gone on to become household names. ~Vote for GoGo Heel in the Citizens’ Gallery.~ What […]

GoGo Heel QUICK TIPS®: Next Best Thing to a Shoe Repair Shop

QUICK TIPS Heel Caps - Quick Fix for Worn Out Heel Tips

$7.99/pair Available in 3 Sizes & 2 Colors (Black, Taupe) Whether there’s no shoe repair shop nearby or you just need a fast fix, QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps repair worn down heel tips instantly without any tools or glue. QUICK TIPS® uses a specially-formulated self-fusing band to attach the cap over your worn heel tip. […]

QUICK TIPS® Available at Over 20 Walgreens Stores in San Francisco

GoGo Heel Caps Sold at Walgreens

QUICK TIPS® Instant Heel Caps are now available at 22 Walgreens in San Francisco! Our newest location is at 456 MISSION ST in the Financial District. See All Retail Locations If you want to see QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps at a store near you, continue to request them from the manager. We’re loving your support […]