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…And Now Found at Shoe Repair Shops

GoGo Heel Caps available at shoe repair shop

QUICK TIPS® now sold at Frank’s Shoe Repair shop on Polk Street in San Francisco! FRANK’S SHOE REPAIR 1619 Polk Street San Francisco, CA 94109 Protect your heels in between shoe repair visits! Extend the life of your shoes and instantly fix the clicking with QUICK TIPS® Instant Heel Caps! Want to see QUICK TIPS® […]

SF Walgreens Welcomes GoGo Heel’s QUICK TIPS®

GoGo Heel Caps at Walgreens San Francisco

You heard it here first!  We’re thrilled to share that QUICK TIPS® Instant Heel Caps is now available at the following Walgreens stores in San Francisco! Want to see QUICK TIPS® at your local stores? Make some noise and request them! NEW RETAIL LOCATIONS – WALGREENS (San Francisco): See All Retail Locations

QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps is Spare Tire for High Heels

GoGo Heel Caps are spare tire for high heels

If Cars Can Have a Spare…then heels should have one too! QUICK TIPS® Instant Heel Caps are convenient to carry around whenever shoes “get a flat” or the heel tip comes off altogether. Save time and instantly restore your heel tips to wearable condition, instantly …and unlike tires, no tools needed here!

Heel Tip Popped Off?

SHOE EMERGENCY Heels get stuck in between sidewalk grates, cracks, and other small spaces. And sometimes while you’re furiously trying to free your shoe, the rubber heel tip pops off leaving your heel exposed and unprotected. QUICK TIPS® Instant Heel Caps comes to the rescue! It instantly restores your heels so you can comfortably walk […]