QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps Nominated for Grommet

QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps Nominated for Grommet

QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps was nominated on The Grommet. The Grommet is a product launch platform. They find unique, undiscovered products and help them succeed. They have launched over 2,000 companies (including SodaStream, IdeaPaint, FitBit) since 2008, and many have gone on to become household names.

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What makes QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps a Grommet?

Heel tips on high heel shoes are always the first thing to wear down, and as a former consultant traveling over 60% of the year, it happened all too often. I knew many other women related with the frustration of worn-out, clicking heels. What really struck me as a problem was the difficulty in finding shoe repair shops throughout new or different cities. Even if I found one, its store hours or turnaround time rarely matched my work schedule.

QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps are a smart, simple solution to worn-out heel tips. Unlike other products, QUICK TIPS® requires no tools or glue, keeping the heel safe from residue & damage. These heel caps attach in under a minute and best of all, it can be used for temporary or semi-permanent repair. This is a game changer, because with the dwindling number of shoe repair shops, more women are looking for an alternative solution. And its strong durability and easy application without the need for tools or glue makes QUICK TIPS® the next best thing to a shoe repair shop.

QUICK TIPS® is made in the USA and patent pending.