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BuzzFeed’s Helpful Shoe Hacks feature GoGo Heel

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BuzzFeed recently published a great article “21 Helpful Hacks That’ll Make Your Shoes More Comfortable” that included some really useful DIY tips for making your shoes more comfortable and last longer. Best part is all these hacks are very inexpensive to do! #BallOnABudget Here’s a summary of BuzzFeed’s Shoe Hacks: 1. Cover your flip flops […]

How to Prevent Blisters from High Heels

FRICTION BLOCK prevents rubbing, chafing & blisters from shoes! Just apply on your feet's problem areas to stop blisters from forming!

Friction Block (or Blister Block) are a feet’s best friend! It glides on like deodorant and creates an invisible barrier between your skin and shoes to prevent chafing & blisters. Simply apply over “problem areas” that rub against your shoe (i.e. back of your heel, ankles, top of your foot near straps, sides of your […]