QUICK TIPS® Heel Cap: 44 Miles and Still Going!

GoGo Heel Cap to repair worn heel tip after walking 44 miles

How Long Can QUICK TIPS® Last?
This is one of our test shoes. We applied QUICK TIPS® on November 20, 2012 and have since walked 44 miles (115,994 steps) on them. QUICK TIPS® is still going strong without having to reapply the band!

We used a small cap and wrapped the band 3x around the cap & heel. There’s a ton of pressure and force concentrated at your heel tips when you walk, so the band must be wrapped tightly (at least 2.5x for Large and 3x for Small & Medium cap sizes) for the cap to stay attached. Remember that a 125 lb person puts 2,000 pounds of pressure on a high heel tip!  So, wrap tightly!

4 tips to make QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps last longer for you!