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81 Miles of Walking: QUICK TIPS® Heel Cap is Long-Lasting

GoGo Heel Caps lasts 81 miles over worn down heel tip with metal nail

GoGo Heel QUICK TIPS® are durable heel caps for worn-out stiletto heel tips. It repairs your heel tip in less than 1 minute. “How long does QUICK TIPS® Heel Cap last?” — We get asked this all the time, so we applied QUICK TIPS® on all of our our own high heels and put it […]

GoGo Heel Lookbook | Nude Slingback Pumps with QUICK TIPS®

GoGo Heel Lookbook with Quick Tips® Heel Cap on Nude Heels

JIMMY CHOO SHOES Style: Workplace/Evening/Party Shoe Color: Nude  QUICK TIPS® Cap Size: Small Fortunately, these timeless Jimmy Choo nude slingbacks suit everything, and to anywhere! Unfortunately, that also means signs of wear-and-tear, with the heel tips being first to deteriorate. To prevent further damage, conveniently use QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps to extend the life of […]

GoGo Heel Lookbook | High Heel Mules with QUICK TIPS®

GoGo Heel Cap on Square-Shaped Heel Tips - Medium

SQUARE-SHAPED HEEL TIP Style: Casual Shoe Color: Black  QUICK TIPS® Cap Size: Medium Question: Since QUICK TIPS® caps are U-shaped, will they work on heel tips with a different shape? Answer: Absolutely! Even though QUICK TIPS® were designed to fit the majority of U-shaped heel tips, our caps will still neatly and securely fit over […]