54 Miles Walking on QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps

GoGoHeel Quick Tips Cap after walking 54 miles - Small

QUICK TIPS® Heel Cap Testing: 54 Miles

We’re constantly testing QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps.  Meet Billie Boot, one of our test heels.  We applied QUICK TIPS® on November 20, 2012 and have since walked 54 miles (143,506 steps) on the same cap & band.

Result: The cap is going strong, but the band is starting to tear and needs to be replaced. Good news is each pack of QUICK TIPS® comes with 2 bands per cap.

Tip: To prevent tears in the band, avoid stepping your heel into cracks, grates, and other uneven surfaces.

Follow these 4 simple tips to make QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps last longer for you!