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What are Self-Fusing Bands?

About Self-fusing Bands

SELF-FUSING BANDS are self-bonding, adhesive-free silicone strips used to attach the QUICK TIPS® Cap to your heel tip. When stretched and wrapped under tension, it permanently bonds to itself (and nothing else) in seconds. This convenient, ready to use band is residue free, extremely durable, and easy to apply/remove. FUN FACT: Self-Fusing silicone technology was […]

DIY Shoe Repair: QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps Vs Heel Tip Replacement

GoGo Heel vs Heel Tip Replacement

Once your heel tip wears down to the metal nail and you hear that irritating clicking sound, the best option is to visit a reputable shoe repair shop ASAP. However, this isn’t always feasible for many. With busy schedules, cost factor, and shoe repair shops becoming less accessible, it is no surprise that heel lovers […]

81 Miles of Walking: QUICK TIPS® Heel Cap is Long-Lasting

GoGo Heel Caps lasts 81 miles over worn down heel tip with metal nail

GoGo Heel QUICK TIPS® are durable heel caps for worn-out stiletto heel tips. It repairs your heel tip in less than 1 minute. “How long does QUICK TIPS® Heel Cap last?” — We get asked this all the time, so we applied QUICK TIPS® on all of our our own high heels and put it […]

GoGo Heel’s QUICK TIPS® Cap on Shoe: 5 Miles And Counting!

GoGoHeel Quick Tips Cap after 5 miles - Small

QUICK TIPS® Heel Cap Testing: 5 Miles The GoGo Heel team is always testing QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps.  Meet our veteran workhorse pump, Helen Heel.  We applied QUICK TIPS® on February 23, 2013 and have since walked 5 miles (7,819 steps) on the same cap & band.  Result: The cap and band are in great […]