Editor-in-Chief of Corporate Fashionista Names QUICK TIPS® an Office Emergency Must-have!

GoGo Heel Cap featured in Corporate Fashionista

Corporate Fashionista, premier fashion blog for career women professionals/executives/politicians, cites QUICK TIPS® Instant Heel Caps an Office Essential! Editor-in-Chief and Founder Kristina Moore compiled her perfect list of must-haves for the corporate fashionista. After all, a fashionista always prepares for those unexpected boardroom emergencies. Moore writes:

“I found the perfect new piece to add to your Office Fashion Emergency KitQUICK TIPS® Instant Heel Caps. I tried them…they’re amazing! Best solution to swiftly fix worn high heels in-between your shoe repair visits. Prolong the life of your shoes, plus say goodbye to that annoying (and unprofessional) clicking sound! No tools required. Founder, Grace Hwang is brilliant! Watch demo. Great for mid-day mishaps and business travels! Available in small, medium and large.”