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QUICK TIPS Small Heel Cap on Red High Heels
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Instant Repair Heel Caps

Repairing heel tips used to be a pain, but QUICK TIPS® makes it easy. The QUICK TIPS® Cap covers the exposed metal nail to instantly stop the clicking. It's so easy & fast to apply, you can do it anywhere.

Try QUICK TIPS® LITE for a discreet, temporary fix and our original QUICK TIPS® for a long lasting repair.
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Before and after repairing heel tips with QUICK TIPS Heel Cap

Product Details

  • Use for temporary or semi-permanent heel tip repair
  • Perfect for in-between shoe repairs and if you don’t live near a shoe repair shop
  • 100% eliminates the loud clicking sound from the metal nail
  • Heel cap works on all degrees of worn heels tips, even when only the nail remains
  • Ships to USA, Canada, UK, and Australia   USA Canada UK Australia
  • Made in USA

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