Heel Tip Must Knows

Worn out heel tip

What’s that clicking sound?

Heel tips protect your shoe heel and provide a nonslip grip. They are made of rubber or plastic material and generally attach to the heel with a metal nail. When the rubber or plastic part wears down, the metal nail becomes exposed and makes a loud clicking sound while walking.

This clicking is a clear warning sign that it’s time to repair your heel tips. Otherwise, the metal nail will ruin floors, be slippery to walk on, and continue to click with each step. If you wait too long to fix worn heel tips, you risk causing costly and permanent damage to your shoes (i.e. peeled or torn heel fabric, deformed heel).

Worn heel tips can be repaired by a shoe repair shop, and a heel tip replacement generally takes a few days.  If you’re short on time, QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps provide an instant, durable fix. QUICK TIPS® instantly repair and protect worn-out heel tips on stilettos & pumps.  Use it as a temporary solution or a semi-permanent repair if you don’t have access to a shoe repair shop.

Extend the life of your high heels, and don’t wait to repair your worn heel tips!

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