GoGo Heel Lookbook | Nude Slingback Pumps with QUICK TIPS®

GoGo Heel Lookbook with Quick Tips® Heel Cap on Nude Heels

JIMMY CHOO SHOES Style: Workplace/Evening/Party Shoe Color: Nude  QUICK TIPS® Cap Size: Small Fortunately, these timeless Jimmy Choo nude slingbacks suit everything, and to anywhere! Unfortunately, that also means signs of wear-and-tear, with the heel tips being first to deteriorate. To prevent further damage, conveniently use QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps to extend the life of […]

GoGo Heel Lookbook | High Heel Mules with QUICK TIPS®

GoGo Heel Cap on Square-Shaped Heel Tips - Medium

SQUARE-SHAPED HEEL TIP Style: Casual Shoe Color: Black  QUICK TIPS® Cap Size: Medium Question: Since QUICK TIPS® caps are U-shaped, will they work on heel tips with a different shape? Answer: Absolutely! Even though QUICK TIPS® were designed to fit the majority of U-shaped heel tips, our caps will still neatly and securely fit over […]

QUICK TIPS® Available at Over 20 Walgreens Stores in San Francisco

GoGo Heel Caps Sold at Walgreens

QUICK TIPS® Instant Heel Caps are now available at 22 Walgreens in San Francisco! Our newest location is at 456 MISSION ST in the Financial District. See All Retail Locations If you want to see QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps at a store near you, continue to request them from the manager. We’re loving your support […]