QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps Nominated for Grommet

QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps Nominated for Grommet

QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps was nominated on The Grommet. The Grommet is a product launch platform. They find unique, undiscovered products and help them succeed. They have launched over 2,000 companies (including SodaStream, IdeaPaint, FitBit) since 2008, and many have gone on to become household names. ~Vote for GoGo Heel in the Citizens’ Gallery.~ What […]

GoGo Heel QUICK TIPS®: Next Best Thing to a Shoe Repair Shop

QUICK TIPS Heel Caps - Quick Fix for Worn Out Heel Tips

$7.99/pair Available in 3 Sizes & 2 Colors (Black, Taupe) Whether there’s no shoe repair shop nearby or you just need a fast fix, QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps repair worn down heel tips instantly without any tools or glue. QUICK TIPS® uses a specially-formulated self-fusing band to attach the cap over your worn heel tip. […]

SHEfinds features GoGo Heel QUICK TIPS® on Better TV: Fashion Solution Gift Ideas

GoGo Heel Caps is on SheFind's Fashion Solution Gifts List

Michelle Madhok, SHEfinds Founder and CEO Holiday Gift Alert — GoGo Heel’s QUICK TIPS® on list of Fashion Solution Gift Ideas by SHEfinds on Better TV! Michelle Madhok, SHEfinds founder and CEO, showcases her favorite products that put an end to common fashion problems and make the perfect holiday gifts! View full segment

81 Miles of Walking: QUICK TIPS® Heel Cap is Long-Lasting

GoGo Heel Caps lasts 81 miles over worn down heel tip with metal nail

GoGo Heel QUICK TIPS® are durable heel caps for worn-out stiletto heel tips. It repairs your heel tip in less than 1 minute. “How long does QUICK TIPS® Heel Cap last?” — We get asked this all the time, so we applied QUICK TIPS® on all of our our own high heels and put it […]

7 No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween

It just isn’t Halloween without a pumpkin!  I’ve always carved my pumpkins, but this year I’ve decided to go with the no-carve approach.  It’s less messy, safer and makes your pumpkin last much longer!   Here’s a round-up of my favorite 7 no-carve pumpkin designs! 1. Chalkboard Pumpkin  rachaelraymag.com 2. Mr. Mummy bhg.com 3. Vampire […]