GoGo Heel Lookbook | Nude Patent Pump with QUICK TIPS®

GoGo Heel Cap on nude patent pump

CLASSIC NUDE Style: Workplace/Casual Shoe Color: Nude  QUICK TIPS® Cap Size: Small Instantly elongate your legs with nude pumps! These go-with-everything classics are both office-appropriate yet double as date-night staples. When worn this often, QUICK TIPS® Instant Heel Caps are must-haves to protect your heels and instantly stop the clicks.

QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps is Spare Tire for High Heels

GoGo Heel Caps are spare tire for high heels

If Cars Can Have a Spare…then heels should have one too! QUICK TIPS® Instant Heel Caps are convenient to carry around whenever shoes “get a flat” or the heel tip comes off altogether. Save time and instantly restore your heel tips to wearable condition, instantly …and unlike tires, no tools needed here! www.gogoheel.com

Heel Tip Popped Off?

SHOE EMERGENCY Heels get stuck in between sidewalk grates, cracks, and other small spaces. And sometimes while you’re furiously trying to free your shoe, the rubber heel tip pops off leaving your heel exposed and unprotected. QUICK TIPS® Instant Heel Caps comes to the rescue! It instantly restores your heels so you can comfortably walk […]

GoGo Heel’s QUICK TIPS® Cap on Shoe: 5 Miles And Counting!

GoGoHeel Quick Tips Cap after 5 miles - Small

QUICK TIPS® Heel Cap Testing: 5 Miles The GoGo Heel team is always testing QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps.  Meet our veteran workhorse pump, Helen Heel.  We applied QUICK TIPS® on February 23, 2013 and have since walked 5 miles (7,819 steps) on the same cap & band.  Result: The cap and band are in great […]