What are Self-Fusing Bands?

About Self-fusing Bands

SELF-FUSING BANDS are self-bonding, adhesive-free silicone strips used to attach the QUICK TIPS® Cap to your heel tip. When stretched and wrapped under tension, it permanently bonds to itself (and nothing else) in seconds. This convenient, ready to use band is residue free, extremely durable, and easy to apply/remove.


1) Stretch the band 3x its length as you wrap it around itself. Stretching activates fusing.

Stretch Self Fusing Band

2) When overlapped around itself, the layers immediately fuse together.

Self Fusing Band

3) The band fuses to form a homogeneous ring that cannot be unwrapped.

Self Fusing Band around finger

To Remove, simply cut the band & peel off. Unlike adhesive tapes, it’s residue free.

Remove Self Fusing Band with scissors

FUN FACT: Self-Fusing silicone technology was originally developed for U.S. Military applications!