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GoGo Heel Lookbook | 1980s Dior Pump with QUICK TIPS®


THROWBACK THURSDAY: 1980s DIOR Style: Evening/Party Shoe Color: Black & White  QUICK TIPS® Cap Size: Medium Classics stand the test of time, even when heels deteriorate with age. Use QUICK TIPS® Instant Heel Caps and you don’t have to think twice about pulling your vintage classics out of your closet and putting them on!  QUICK […]

GoGo Heel Lookbook | Black Patent Pump with QUICK TIPS®

THE POWER PUMP Style: Workplace Shoe Color: Black Patent  QUICK TIPS® Cap Size: Small Introducing Stella Stiletto — the power work pump. These are a mainstay of my weekday work wardrobe because they work everywhere, even at the Atlanta Shoe Market this past weekend. At nearly 4 miles of walking and standing, Stella Stiletto would […]

54 Miles Walking on QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps

GoGoHeel Quick Tips Cap after walking 54 miles - Small

QUICK TIPS® Heel Cap Testing: 54 Miles We’re constantly testing QUICK TIPS® Heel Caps.  Meet Billie Boot, one of our test heels.  We applied QUICK TIPS® on November 20, 2012 and have since walked 54 miles (143,506 steps) on the same cap & band. Result: The cap is going strong, but the band is starting to […]

QUICK TIPS® Heel Cap: 44 Miles and Still Going!

GoGo Heel Cap to repair worn heel tip after walking 44 miles

How Long Can QUICK TIPS® Last? This is one of our test shoes. We applied QUICK TIPS® on November 20, 2012 and have since walked 44 miles (115,994 steps) on them. QUICK TIPS® is still going strong without having to reapply the band! We used a small cap and wrapped the band 3x around the […]